Volunteering (local/International) Processes

Brigham Healthcare Service provides an individual or group a volunteering platform to freely give his/her time, talent, and labor for community services in Ghana & Africa with any skills or professional career anybody has, to spearhead all our healthcare services delivery programs in the world. There are many good causes that need support and many good people looking to do just that.
Brigham Healthcare Service makes it easy for volunteers to support our good causes across the globe in a bunch of ways that maximize efficiency and impact.

The world has definitely become a global village. Traveling has become much more accessible and digital platforms are connecting people from all corners of the earth. This growing sense of closeness has spread also to many fields of businesses and people are looking to support causes they care about not only in their own neighborhoods but in faraway places as well. Brigham Healthcare Service provides volunteering services in healthcare education, healthcare environmental delivery, healthcare welfare – support services and a wide range of great causes in the healthcare sector geared towards caring for people on the local level, as well as on a wider, international level

Current Volunteering Vacancies (Onsite/Online) -2020-2021
1. Volunteering Services in Healthcare Education
2. Healthcare Environmental Services Delivery
3. Healthcare Welfare – Support Services

Whenever you desire with us for any other purpose not listed on our website – kindly email us at office@bhsghana.org

To apply to Volunteer at Brigham Healthcare Service, kindly send your C.V & Cover letter to our Office Email: office@bhsghana.org or call +233558704696 / +233559483945 / +233596328479. As well as apply through our partnered Non-profit volunteering organization (Giving Way International (USA)) external links below. You apply by clicking on any of these links and choosing volunteer-type:
Online Volunteering: https://www.givingway.com/search_org_online_appform.give
Onsite Volunteering: https://www.givingway.com/search_org_appform.give