About Our Career/Internships/Volunteering

Brigham Healthcare Services offers career services with several remote and on-site options available to students. Alumni and people worldwide for employment in our company. We also help with ready healthcare service mentorships, internships, volunteering, and job referral program for students. alumni and people worldwide. The following career services procedures are available to all people around the world seeking to work with us.

  1. Upload & Send your resume and cover letter to office@bhsghana.org and get instant feedback and tips for any available career vacancies in the company.
  2. Schedule a Career Enquiry Appointment (Available Jobs/ Internships/ Mentorships/ Volunteering) through our office email: office@bhsghana.org. All international appointments will be offered remotely through Zoom or Google Meet while local Ghanaian Appointments will be offered in-person with the C.E.O of Brigham Healthcare Services. For internationals, a Zoom or Google Meet invite link will be sent via your email on the day of your appointment, and it is as easy as clicking the link at the start of your appointment.
  3. Received any updates from the company Brigham Healthcare Services regularly by contacting our office at office@bhsghana.org
  4. Brigham Healthcare Services allows you to reach out and connect with healthcare industries jobs worldwide as well as receive Healthcare Mentors for counseling, guidance, and tips on how to prepare yourself for the healthcare job market.

For questions about the services offered at Brigham Healthcare Services, please call +233558704696 / +233559483945 / +233596328479 or email office@bhsghana.org